First Moped

by Devon Fox
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This was my first moped! Saw a pack of them rip down Newbury Street one winter night and knew it was my next hobby. After googling "moped boston" I found a forum of a gang called the KhZ. I emailed everyone on the list and this dude Von Donsel hit me up within a few minutes! He lived a few blocks away and invited me over. In his living room was a gold derbi variant he was wrenching on. We smoked a bowl and then he asked if i had $300. Within a few days he scored me this moped! 1.5hp version with a 15 bing, tight! I remember blasting it down the alleyway by our place, my knuckles being so cold, and a grin from ear to ear. A few weeks later, on November 24, 2008 he introduced me to my buddy Rob who changed my view on mechanics forever. Rob came over my place a lot that winter as I upgraded some components. Knowing absolutely nothing about engines, he was super patient with me. Put on 2.5 Gazelles, long seat, oury grips (always and forever a bike kid), and went with the proma gp (the other option at the time was the biturbo). I later put on some g3 bars. Took this to Whiskey Business 3, my first official moped rally. Close your eyes and don't breath when you drink the moonshine ;) This bike was so sick, got me through a full year of riding around the city. I eventually sold it to a friend of a friend for the same price I payed for it. Henshaw and the boys pranked me with $300 in quarters. I'm still kinda mad................... that i sold my first moped






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