by Nate Bandit
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Variated FA50.


1984 Suzuki FA50




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Christophe Van Hove: Looks great ,love this build ,Crazy About the pull start .did it come from another build ? And does it fit On the fa 50 original ignition coil?anyway keep it up

daniel Young: hey this is for nate bandit i got a suzuki fa50 and would like to speak with u i live in louisville too and am looking forward to talking my number is 502 415 0888 thanks i hope to speak to u soon and kick ass build

Christopher Hoke: "then you just have to weld"

jason kluczyk: even more fun to ride then grovel at!

Rick McNerny: The only ped that beat Jame's ScooPed up Canton Ave!

Steven Rosen: Looks like a Pinto to me.

Team Dirtped: Incroyable!! I love Nopeds!!

Peter Notarangelo: really great build, excellent use of your mind

Nate Bandit: Well Fa50 s are usually free.... and the blown up Aprilia I got for around 200 bucks. Then you just have to weld.

Tal Reznikov: Coolest FA50 i have ever seen... and now i want one. how much did this cost ya , if you don't mind me asking?

Mike Rafter: Best use of weird wheels

Nate Bandit: 2 for the price of one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJcnc5b2iHE&sns=em http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYn4ZxXVA1U&sns=em

Drew Clark: I always wanted some close ups of this bike. Post a link to that vid of you pulling that dude up a hill.