F Land

by WillD
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R. Land is a pretty solid ATL artist, so after debating between the obvious "Ned Flandria" or "Flandy Newman" for the short people jab, It got named "F. Land" Started life as a Flandria Apollo, some photos of what it looked like probably originally. Then some pics of it as I got it, with a spree tank rigged behind the seat for the richmond rally after that I tore in, rebuilt , more info in these threads: http://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/read.php?1,3894663,3896729#msg-3896729 http://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/read.php?1,3900492,3900649,page=1#msg-3900649 Specifically how totally weird the motor is with a clutch that disengages any time the motor's not pulling the bike (i.e. it will coast downhill even if you're going 30, and not engage until you throttle up) but beyond that it's ROTARY CASE INDUCTED THROUGH THE CRANK yea, instead of a window in the crank lobes like literally ever other rotary induction motor, it's got a cutout in the side of the crank and the fuel air charge goes into the cases through the center of the crank! WUT! Some useful motor details, the bearings are 6004 (same as hobbit) and 6203 (same as everything), and the seals are same as derbi piston port. made a toptube gas tank out of a section of car muffler, with an old barrel adjuster for fuel line out and a section of pipe for the filler that fit a Bravo gas cap, got it welded and meshed it into the head tube & repainted and POR sealed Used a set of forks from an FA50 for the BMX look, being split below the headtube instead of triple tree and also NOT leading link, but they do have a nice spring. I think it was the forks that really set it off. They're originally for 14's so they look tight with the 16's (no fender), only took a little modification to the brake stop, dropouts, and rethreaded for the shorter headtube. It got new bearings and a 1inch clamp-on BMX stem, bars and grips. New tires and the last bit was to hack on a pipe - I think Nick Byrne had it laying around, but it looked good and the same header length too for it to clear pedals. New pedals and arms too, bmx styles. Last I had kevin swoops of neighborhood vinyl do the "flandria" decals - ANY decal stickers you need hit em up on facebook or email kevin swoops from the MA member directory, he hooks it up! So this is the "finished" piece. Hope you like it , I really do.






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Jay Robert Stump: Wicked bike!!!! That one's in a class all it's own! :)

terry dean: Fuck yeah!

Maize Diffley: ahhhh so sick!!!! Great jerb!