Elliotts Bad Day

by todd amundson
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Elliott's Bad Day started out as a $200 craigslist find that I threw fuel and holy water on to get its gutless ass moving before putting it in storage in June of 2015. Fast forward to August 23, 2015, I asked two associates of mine to go for a ride earlier in the day. As it always goes I was only able to secure one other rider, Tyler for the run so I put the daily driver in my truck and off to LB Mopeds I went. Turns out the other rider that couldn't make it was Elliott G. Elliott was having a bad day and somehow past his mojo onto everyone else. His car was stolen in the morning and he lost everything. I lost my truck keys so I had to ride my Maxi the 19.5 miles back home. On the way I came up on girl that decided her ten speed could be used for flight and flew face first onto the pavement going 25 mph with no helmet on. I held what I think was her head still while the ambulance was called. Bloody hands and all, I made it home to tuck my kids in for the night. Now Elliott does ride mopeds but I have yet to see any of his bikes in person. He's always in need of a loaner as his bikes are apparently in a state of disrepair and I have yet to get my hands on them to fix "em" my god damn self. It was time to get a loaner made so that Elliott could always keep up and not have an excuse not to go riding. This is as quick and dirty a build as I'll ever get. Damaged Polini kit was pulled out and mated to a spare E50. I have some other parts from Dan at 77 that I wanted to test out anyway like the internal coil ignition, techno pipe and anything I could get my hands on laying around. Put in a reverse cut gear and bell, white cruiser seat dropped too low, temp gauge, low rise bars and blah, blah, blah. I hate doing this but it is a sleeper that will look like shit and go like hell. I have found that helping others helps me way more than it helps them. So let's make Elliott's day a little bit better in spite of it all. This is the goal Finished this tonight, 9/3/2015. It's my birthday. Went for a ride in flip flops and tiny shorts with a two inch inseam. A bit to fast for spokes and crappy tires.


1980 Puch Maxi




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Elliott Giffis: Can't wait to rip this to the moon and back! So stoked on this build!