Dual Tank Cimatti Bike

by Andrew Scouten
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Another City Bike, how many colors are there? because I'm going to find them all, anyways. Another bike I picked up from the Motor City Riots! Un-siezed the top end fixed the bottom end added a new ignition and got her running stock. One trip to the Decon's Rally lead to Mr. Burke tempting me with an old rare kit, 76cc Olympia Kit. Added a Weak-Ends intake and a VM20, paired with a Morini Circuit pipe blue springs and 10x32 gearing. She doesn't have to much top end, maybe mid 40's but the throttle response is incredible sit back on the long maxi seat and do wheelies! UPDATE: This bike has been through so many changes, though the motor has remained largely the same, until now. Rebuilt the motor with new bearings/seals/gaskets, MlM intake, DOS House kit (73cc Polini clone with tweaks), EV Standard pipe, stock large fin head, new tires/tubes, Tomos bars, still 10x32 gearing, fresh cables, wiring update with hidden kill switch. This set up is similar to some of my other V1's, maybe a hair over geared, but it easily pulled to 50 on a late fall ride, so? Whatever I have many bikes, not all of them are city rippers, some should just cruise the country roads, this is one of the later, sit back and enjoy the Minarelli power.






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