Dirty D

by terry dean
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Found a little auto repair shop in the middle of nowhere California one night and saw a pile of Honda Cubs on the side of the building. After positioning my car so that the headlights were lighting up the pile, I dug through it and saw a General top tank something at the very bottom. The next day I rolled up to the shop called Dirty Red Dawg Cycles and found a dirty dude in overalls with a name patch that read "Dirty". I asked him about the pile on the side of the shop and he said he was going to restore them. I asked about the little "peddle scooter" at the bottom of the pile and he gave me a funny look like "how you know what's at the bottom of my pile.." but he agreed to sell it to me for $30. As I pulled it out, I realized it was not only in pretty good shape, but it had a 2 speed shifter engine. Dirty and his friends laughed at me as I pushed it back to the car, I was laughing at Dirty when I sold the engine on Moped Army for $200. At first I was going to build up a street bike using the Black Betty engine going to a Hobbit transmission mid-frame and a chain final drive, but as time went by I decided to keep that drivetrain, but instead build a dual-sport moped. I'm just sick of all the cafe racer bikes everywhere, and I had never seen anyone due a true dirtped, so why not? Front end is off an old Yamaha YZ80, rear end's from a not-as-old YZ80. I am keeping them both full dirtbike travel, though I'll revalve them to get them closer to my weight class. This bike has been many years coming, and I'm finally collecting the last few parts I need to really get it together, so I'm pretty excited. I hope to have it out at rallies by 2020.


1980 AMS Tahoe G2




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Tyler Brekke: What headtube reamer is that?

terry dean: psh, no.

Dan Kastner: Any progress?

Josiah McCoy: First off, I like Dan's idea! Secondly, this thing looks super fun!!!

Dan Kastner: We really should set up a Moped Cross league. Herbi is going to have some suspension on it as well.