Derbi Coppa Build

by Robert Smiley
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It is actually a 1980 Sport Laguna with 1135 miles on it that I am building as a European-only "Coppa". This involves using the European Rinder 335 headlight and upright handlebars (infinitely more practical). I used RD-50 fork tubes (that are 1" longer than stock ones) so I left that 1" space open on top (with a removable tubing spacer) if I ever want to change handle bars to the short street racer ones (doubtful). I again used the PowerDynamo 12V system with a small battery (visible on top of the air cleaner). Besides changing the bulbs you need to rewire the brake lights to "conventional" and use Tomos brake light switches. I will probably steal my daughter-in-law's PR Variant DS-50 converted starter for it (when she's not looking!). I just finished the tank, side panels, rear fender and “spoiler” silver/titanium painting and will do the clear coat next week. I was lucky enough to acquire a complete set of decals (including the “ring” decal around the filler neck – in Spanish!) from a guy in Spain that makes reproductions for ALL of the great Spanish Bikes. They were not cheap but how many times will I be doing this? Parts used and not shown: The new Weak-ends Derbi Sport Laguna Pipe, PowerDynamo ignition and a Metrakit PP/PR crankshaft, Update: I installed a DS-50 modified starter (shortened housing, reversed motor and flipped-over Sprague clutch). The stock kill switch was modified to also have a "blue button" like the horn button on the other side only this one is on the top of the switch. Update: I found the throttle side switch with a red start button; looks like factory now!I use it to ground the starter relay so it's now a "stealth" starter button! Still waiting for some jets (5 mm 73,74,75,76) to finalize the mixture. Update: running an Airsal Puch 47 mm cylinder with an Airsal Derbi 65 cc head, 70 main jet. Using an MLM Laguna pipe with a 1" long adapter to fit the Puch Airsal 47 mm cylinder. Found repro Laguna fairing at "Brand X". Update: Doppler pipe, frighteningly fast for this 70 year old!






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Iván Álvarez Díez: Nice, I like Laguna, but in Spain they are hard to see.