Dennis Chopper - Peter Honda

by Bemor Latebird
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ITs a moped, its a chopper now blasting the treasure coast This is a 1978 honda hobbit pa50II Upcoming Changes New Bars 19" front wheel Camino pulley Race Gears and more powder coating The swing arm has been relocated 6 inches towards the rear, an custom subframe to increase rigidity. Top bar added, and the rear of the frame was clilpped off behind the seat and closed up neatly, a Hardtail section was built and connected under seat. Schwinn banana seat recovered was fit to hug the tire. Cutom plate mount Tank Harley Sportster tank was frisco'd then narrowed 2 inches to keep the match the front of the banana seat. holds about 2.25 gal of gas. probably around 80-100 miles on a tank. Not bad for a kitted bike with Mikuni 24 that can easily stay at the front of the pack a sissy bar to further insure rigidity and for raddness effect. Tomos bullet head light with a satin black bowl and a mirror black rim The frame is mirror black and the subframe is satin. The engine pa 50 II bottom end with racing crank new bearing. Parma kit slightly ported and matched perfectly Honda dio 6 pedal reed box and Mikuni 24 powdercoated mirror black Proma circuit pipe. DriveTrain Modded pa50II variator with pa50 weights EBR puch magnum forks with puch skinny wheel with a 2.25" Gazelle and the rear is a 3" gazelle. All the powdercoat was done in house through my company


1978 Honda PA50 II




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Team Dirtped: Mikunis rock the hardest, amirite? Nice build man

Bemor Latebird: Shopping for 19" front wheel

Delmer Buddy Totten: Rad Chopper!

Christopher Squid: If you think this is anything like the yuba bike you are an idiot. This is a chopper and it is rad. Two thumbs up for bmor

Nate Bandit: You should change the photo that shows up first. I had no clue about all the Rad details on this bike untill like 3 pics down. Very cool.

terry dean: Keith Bright can't build bikes. Bemore, however, builds the best bikes.

Dave Mazorra: I love this makes me smile. :)