Custom Flake Black Citta

by Frederick van der Lugt
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This bike was built for a close friend and customer by me, Frederick van der Lugt (MOPARTS WEBSHOP / MOPARTS RACING). To see this bike and its paint in action, see our video on YouTube here - The Gilera Citta, family of the Piaggio brand, is a sporty 12"-wheeled 50cc moped. The brand Gilera has been part of Piaggio since 1970. A common name for the Gilera Citta in other places is ECO or EC1. Here, in The Netherlands, it is simply known as the Gilera Citta. The frame was completely stripped; all unnecessary frame brackets were removed and a panelless frame was created. The frame was sprayed high gloss black with metallic flakes in the clear coat. All the other parts were powdercoated in the same color. The seat-pin, clutch, pulley and cylinder head were spray painted (heat resistant) matte black. We opted for 12" cross-tires / dirt bike for a more rugged look. The tail light is mounted on to the back of the seat pin for a cleaner look. The license plate is mounted on the left side of the bike. The bike is equipped with a stronger and more reliable custom CNC-machined Aluminium (6062 T6) rear wheel bearing plate (a MOPARTS RACING Production). Seeing as this will be a bike for a first-time rider, the motor remained pretty much stock. It has tighter clutch springs, a 13/13 carburettor and a stock-looking unrestricted aftermarket exhaust. Top speed should be around 35km/h to 40km/h due to the relatively big pulley. However, acceleration is great.


2015 Gilera Eco




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