Creamy Yellow Motron

by Andrew Scouten
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Toledo Jared's favorite V1, its creamy, its kinda fast, its yellow AF. This is probably my favorite BRN powered V1, I used a 1mm aluminum spacer to get the port timing perfect, then added a big ass pipe, and a VM20, this thing rips with out the normal BRN issues, aka heating and slapping the head, but just can't quiet hit 50, 48MPH to be exact. Quick off the line and fun for any type or riding, always choose v1. CREAMY YELLOW RIDES AGAIN! With a few changes, and some old favorites. Rebuilt V1LKS with a 76cc BRN, stock square head, Pietcard/2041 box, Treats pipe, 108 fan, new tires & tubes, hardwired, yellow springs on the stock ks clutch, Tomos bars, stock reed block with Polini reeds, VM18 carb, MlM intake, foot pegs from a Euro Issimo. So ya those are the parts, but thats not the entire story! I loved this bike, rode it at a Ghost Rider rally back in the day, and at my bachelor party, not to mention around town. Then it got stored away, as I played with French bikes, but its dormancy is over, plucked from the basement, given a new heart. I was hesitant to use the KS motor but we had a KS model come to Toledo via the DOS yard sale. It had the foot pegs I needed, fortunately they were pretty easy to adapt to a Motron frame, just trim a hair off their mounting point and bam they fit right on. Good by pedals, sorry Brian.....I kept the same gearing from its previous set up with a V1, I think it will work fine, but hey its winter here in Ohio. So ya thats how it sits, running, but clearly needing to be tuned, come on Spring






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