Crazy Diamond

by Richard Zhu
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In 2004 I rescued a trashed and not original Puch Maxi N frame. I straightened the frame and strengthened the back fork by welding metal bars on the inside. The rigid N frame was perfect for my custom chopper project. The XXL front fork I bought in 1990 (after market fork for Peugeot 103 mopeds) and had it made fit a Puch Maxi. I also bought two old Peugeot 103 rims, cleaned them and 'chromed' the spokes. I bought a revised 50 cc kick start engine for it. I didn't have a garage or shed, so I mostly did all the work in the living room and balcony. In 2007 I rode it for the first time. Due to not being ridden enough and lack of maintenance, I had a lot of problems with the engine, costing me too much Euro's. I considered giving the chopper back to nature or set it on fire, but now that it rides again I am proud the Crazy Diamond still shines on.


1972 Puch Maxi N




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Richard Zhu: I am considering painting the frame AND the spokes of the wheels, though i like it the way it is now. The spokes are getting rusty because the 'chrome' paint is not water resistant and the frame is waiting for a paintjob since 2004... Back then i purchased 2 cans of 'deep purple' metallic but creating the chopper cost more years then i expected. But now that the engine is finally running well and some other technical issues are being solved, I like to (finally) finish this project.

Richard Zhu: Rode it like I stole it today... Very fast downhill, bump on the road, got a flat rear tyre. Still a little bit of air left in the tyre (all the rear shock absorbing I got)

WillD: it touch my tralalala