Coast cruiser

by Troie Moss
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Got this fun ped for the low low price of a 24 pack of Bud Lite . Has a few issues but but having fun working on it. Have gone on a few rides but after about 10 minutes it sputters bad. Been working out the problem, been fiddling around with the timing. Other issue may be because it has no air box, filter, or carb and filter to come. Up for any thoughts and help, just wanting to get it reliable to use it for cruising around my tiny beach town (well as reliable as a old moped can be) 3/2/20 update Installed a NOS intake/carburetor/filter and airbox (much needed) had to customize the choke cable because it was snapped (but made it work). Couldn't install the new throttle because the cable was too short and my stock one didn't fit on the housing properly. Adjusted the gapping on the points, and now it fires up nice and easy and rides well...average 25-32 depending on hill or not. Now time to make it look sexier.


1977 Foxi GT




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Devon Fox: what a beaut! if its dying after a few min of running, try wiring in a new condenser. not usually a fan of white wall tires, but im loving them on your bike; consider some new savas for safety and looks. new grips, and you got yourself one admirable moped! lerk MopedArmy, or facebook for a 505 engine for a later swap. try to get a D; they came A-D, then you can hack/weld a techno boss pipe on this beast. i dunno if id bother with doing up a pipe on that 504, the header of that pipe looks way too small to get much gains. id prob just run it as is, and enjoy