Clint's old maxi

by WillD
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Budget build. 48mph 50cc! This is the first kitted bike I ever put together and tuned, many years ago, though at the time it wasn't mine. Used to belong to Clint "Monstro" swoop, it had an athena that lasted a good 3 years before catching a ring and becoming totaled. I revived it about a year later as a last minute ride for Hot n' Peddy FUCKING RALLY with a cheapo kstar, and in that state it got passed on to Kevin Swoop. It got scavenged hard for parts after dying and kevin's reluctance to fix it up. I finally got time to rebuild an old engine and port up an a55 for it. $0 invested it's running fucking great. rebuilt cheapo CDI w/ Universal "race" box a55 topend ported to 175 deg exhaust, widened & ovalled about 2mm each side. 25 blowdown 150 intake. piston matched & modded, transfers cleaned matched and opened, intake opening to 17mm. Casematched to e50 bottom end, 16deg BTDC timing, 17/45 gearing. I drilled out the clutch bell, starter plate, and arms myself on a cheap drill press. About 42g off the bell, 36 off the starter. Tuned the clutch - feels better, took 10g off each arm and 2 turns out from tight. Blaster pulls hard above 6-7000 rpm, absolutely the best topend pipe.


1977 Puch Maxi




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