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This has been a side project of mine for a while, started out as a spare hobbit frame at the shop, and an excuse to practice my welding. When love of my life colin barry (swoops) moved up north, he left me a pair of shoei hard cases that came with his RD250, bobby jokingly laid a giant harley windshield in my space, I had a YZ front end sitting around from Mark, and a super r4ediculous tribal scorpion giant gas tank from a later CB - so I piled it all together I started drawing shit up Unfortunately I took very few pictures early on, but found those early sketches and thought it was kinda funny looking back at my initial ideas stock photo from online and collaged it to plan the tank, stretch, seat and crossbar locations I welded some supports in and did a mixte style split set of crossbars down to the rear of the swingarm, moved the motor mounts back and angled it to fit the rake of the much longer forks. Fit the split bars to the ID of the tank's underside and split to the rear wheel. Also added mounts off the sides for the hard cases and a bottom bracket cut out of an old BMX frame Kept the stock hobbit seat with a giant ass ugly scorpion tank initially I "finished" it with the hard cases and big old tank, layback bars and giant windshield, Disk brakes, old sportster rear fender, BMX pedals and bracket, old-school bicycle headlight retrofitted to use automotive bulbs, and a mini sissybar from a rear-rack I used a motor I had tuned and run for a couple months on my yellow "Piss" hobbit- (then sold it's motor to new MA official Matty from MONO and had to swap to another slower build) now it's got: -alu-stuffed crank -77 iron 70cc kit (thing sucks, FIVE!!! base gasketsto line the ports up right -old malossi circuit pipe (pretty weaksauce but OK) -PA502 variator notched w/ pa1 weights, BX belt -stock carb drilled to I think 95 -stock ignition pretty budget build, but good for low 40s Sat like that for a few months, actually while i was building and tuning that and another motor on the Piss hobbit. Finally decided to get it actually good, instead of a big rolling joke, and took off the giant tank, got some bars that actually feel comfy (the pullbacks and big tank made turning near impossible...) ditched the windshield, painted the side cases and realized I could use the old hobbit tank to show off the mixte split frame, keep it moped lookin, and not have giant interfering top tank. I also re-welded the pedals to both sit downward for WAY more comfy seating. This is basically how it sits now, been riding it and it's fun, pretty mild performance and lotsa looks.


1980 Honda Hobbit




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