Buzzin Betsy

by Joseph Beaupre
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It started as a mint '77 Columbia Commuter... Now it's not a mint '77 Columbia Commuter. A sleeper of sorts, Betsy's modifications are mostly mechanical, except for removal of the fenders and side covers, and new handle bars. Betsy pulls like a cow from the low end all the way up through WOT. The rear sprocket has been replaced with a 40th down from 48th. No comment on the top speed (50). The headlight was replaced with an LED flashlight hacked to fit in the housing with the rechargeable battery and wired into the headlight switch on the handle bars. It's brighter than stock and does not dim when at idle. It turns heads wherever it goes, mostly because people can hear it a mile away. Peds are a rare sight in the small town where I live, but when I move to Boston for school Betsy will be going with me.


1977 Columbia Commuter




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Grey Kingsley: Is that bracket holding your pipe the one that came with it? Did you have to modify it at all to get it to fit a commuter?