Burger Bomber

by black garage
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This ride is getting a custom cross bar and top tank mod, the Honda tank is about perfect but a custom one might go on instead. EBR forks going on it as well as a new bounce arm and springer sticks, if I don't use a MLM bouncer I will have do an aluminum one. The frame and other dangly bits are going to the powder coat men's place and once done all put back together as a shiny new ride. Snowflake mag's going on to make the rolling stuff nicer. The motor is getting attention too however I am still working on that in my skull area...


1978 Sears Free Spirit




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black garage: Yes that is something to think about for sure, this here tank was just a mock up and lowering it a bit would help as well. I have another project that will use a Jawa Mustang tank, those seem to have a nice low cg built in.

justin tolentino: i was just curious cuz when i went from step thru to top tank on a free spirit it changed the balance of the bike a lot especially with a half/full tank of gas… i had to go with maxi ebrs and rear shocks to get it back to feeling stable at any speed...

black garage: Justin - I have EBR dirt bike style forks and dual rate shocks that will go on after the frame is done with welding and powder coat.

justin tolentino: are you gonna stick with the stock forks and shocks?