Budget Blanco

by Andrew Scouten
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A fellow Riot picked this bike up in Detroit somewhere but gave up on it as its tiny and he is huge! Thanks Alex! After getting this bike back to Toledo I started to take it apart and build it back up with with parts I had laying around the shop. Tomos forks off of some old Bullet frame I had laying on the shelf, mid rise square bars, Puch 15mm intake, 15 sha, overbored stock 30mph cylinder (55ish cc's now), came with a MLM peoples side bleed, re-geared to 10x36 with 77's yellow clutch springs, rewired with a kill on the side panel, cleaned the tank and stripped here down, does a hair over 45 just in time for MONO! UPDATE: I freakin love this bike, its carried me to many rallies, so when I pulled it out to rebuild it, I was shocked that it started right up, but you could tell it was tired. So it got the normal, full rebuild, new bearings/seals/gaskets, as well as a re-timed Piecard set up. We have some new members in the Zeros, Im proud of em, but I had to bring this little guy out to remind em what a V1 could do, it whoooooped a "60mph" Tomos, naturally at a blazing 50-53mph (depending on which gps you trust), the Blanco's still got it!






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