Blue Steel!

by Shane Rickert
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Still collecting parts for this winter build, but I'm planning on a complete tear down and ground up build! New Pirelli tires, EBR Hydraulic Forks, Clip on handle bars have been obtained and custom 3D printed seat soon to come! Made some progress on tear down and blasting, paint will be a textured dull black with red accents. Blast and paint almost complete, found a couple pin holes in the tank that need to be fixed, but there has been some serious progress! Head tube adapters are printed and installed, Seat foam is shaped and ready for the cover, wheel bearings are cleaned and repacked! Still no brakes, looks like these wheels are not a match for the stock parts, looks like I'll need to find some 105mm brake plates... Scored a 90cc Jog cylinder for next to nothing, looks like I'm converting this thing to CASE INDUCTION! I think I'll need a better clutch now too... 3/9/15-Tank pin holes soldered, seat and tank are now painted. Snagged a sweet head temp gauge too! 3/15/15- Assembled the Tank, Seat, and seat cover for the last time. Added headlight brackets and measured for a fork stop to keep that nice fresh tank from getting dented or scuffed. Measured for the custom dash, which will be my next project. Picked up a Super Clutch, diameter matches prefect with the stock rubber clutch. I will be making some custom washers to weld in, and likely picking up some other misc. bits of hardware to get the starter clutch/lever functioning. 4/18/15- Its been slower progress lately, but most of what I need to finish has finally arrived. Dash is complete, wiring is about 50%, Designed and printed a nice battery/wiring box that mounts under the seat, Disc hubs are designed an off to manufacturing, caliper assemblies are here, Caliper mounting bracket are about 50% designed, Super clutch conversion parts are almost done being designed as well, Started matching the cylinder to the case as well, but will likely hold off on completing that until I have a rolling frame 100% wired and ready for an engine. 4/25/15- The majority of the wiring is complete, the fairing is printed and test fit looks good. I still have to design and print the headlight mounts, and then bondo, sand, and paint everything. 7/17/15- Its been slow progress on this one, but I hit the ground running again. Paint work is complete, Wiring is complete, CR80 Radiator has been swapped for a 120mm Water Cooled PC Radiator, super cheap, prefect size and already tapped for frame mounts or a PC fan! Now I just need to wrap up the engine, and wheel hubs and its time for this thing to hit the road! New additions to come on this build: Spoke Wheel Sealed bearing Disc Brake Hubs Custom Brake Discs Bolt on Brake Caliper Mounts Blasting.






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Derek Stahl: Radiator mounts are rad!

Shane Rickert: No, the plastic is getting sanded smooth and painted. Only the foam will be covered.

Dan Kastner: Are you going to upholster over the plastic part of the seat as well?

Dan Kastner: I was wrong on the seat. It is perfect.

Dan Kastner: Looking mean dude!