Blue Angel

by Justin Scarborough
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Fun project, The frame was from my first moped I purchased over 10 years ago. Thanks for the help from friends bill, Vicious cycles ,Tyler, will, cris, Scarborough Motorsports and seat by Cliff Avenue upholstery. ppg paint New York blue and black Semi gloss accents led lighting With Multicolor headlight rgb. Inspired by naked Salt flat racers bikes. And my imagination and PBR took me from there. My disc setup is water jetted out of aluminum no the mike t one. Hpi 12v lighting coil on factory Cdi had to weld and Tap holes to make work


1980 Puch Maxi




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WillD: is that you girlfriend

Justin Scarborough: Automotive ppg paint red on tires

Leland '5-hour' Kriz: What did you use on the tires for paint? and cheers looks good.

Cathy Ames: Great build. Ditch the hump in the seat and thank me later.

WillD: RODE IS THE PAST TENSE OF RIDE. If i ever would've liked this i'd have to rescind all likes for that. good god. I hope to see this in Denver with some BETTER GRAMMAR.

Matt Shelfstaxx: Faptastic!!

WillD: oh ja

Maize Diffley: FUCK YEAH! this looks great! the gas gauge is perfect! are those clip ons bmx stems? also the frame chopped like that looks like a kinetic! booya!

Justin Scarborough: Narrowed a motorcycle seat 2 inches for a cb350

Justin Scarborough: No Powder coating on bike all ppg paint

Vova Nesterov: that seat is bumps...not for mopeds...the stitching is cool though

Ben LaPlante: That powdered subframe looks awesome! What are you using for master cylinder and hyrdaulic hose?