by Benjamin Piper
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Having always loved the classic curves of the Pacer Super Sport, I picked up this second super sport with a special build in mind. These bikes originally came stock with a Morini MO1-MO2-M1 (This one had an MO2) but I wanted to take it to the next level. Keeping with the Morini tradition of the Pacer I picked up an M101K Dual Variated engine from Demark. I also matched a number of items that I have on my red SS to keep in the theme of the old 1920-40ish? cafe with a couple of additions. Build Details: Things still to do: Fix Brake light switch Tune engine 06.01.2018 Engine has seized a few times. Took the top end apart to find the piston and cylinder pretty messed up. Going to take a stock cylinder off another engine I have to replace this and troubleshoot over heating. --- 05.01.2017 Late Update: Bought new brakes, Converted Rear wheel to sealed bearings after the wheel lost a bearing. Installed new custom Pacer stickers I designed to the tank. As Also added some NOS checker stickers to the bottom of the tank. (Thanks Luke for the awesome help on the Pacer stickers.) Bought some universal tools for the tool bag. 01.19.2017 Lights wired up and bulbs installed. We have light. 01.15.2017 Got it out for a better run today. Changed the jet from a 68 that the carb came with to a 57 and it feels better. Need to run it with more gas in the tank. It didn't like being as low as I had it. 01.14.2017 First short test ride. Needs tuning. 01.10.2017 First test run of the NOS M101. You can see a short video of it here: If your my friend on Facebook you can watch the whole thing. :D 01.09.2017 Ignition switch wired and system checked for spark. :D Installed MLM Peoples Pipe. Bought new cable for rear brake and installed. Purchased fuel line. Waiting on new petcock to come in the mail. While waiting for parts to arrive, I designed a custom center mounted phone mount. Temp installed the kickstand to get the bike off of the build lift. 01.03.2017 Happy New Year!! A lot has happened over the break. Handlebars installed. Controls mostly complete. I had to grind down the controls a little to get them to slide onto the bars. Installed a new throttle cable. Installed new grips. Connected front brake cable. Installed bullet headlight. Added some conduit to the rear taillight to clean up the look. Reinstalled gas tank. Reinstalled seat. Reinstalled rear wheel. Went to install chain but came up a few links short so I had to run to the local Moped shop and buy a new chain. Chain is installed and adjusted. Built custom pedal foot rest. After deciding the best mounting place. I bought a bar and notched it to match the stock crank to fit the pedals. I then cut a metal bracket in half and notched the bar where I needed to add the brackets. I "welded" ( I used the welder I bought to attach the brackets but I am complete noob to welding ) on the brackets. I then put the bar in place and added the pedals. I used the engine case bolt to connect with the bracket. 12.30.2016 Mounted Engine. Installed 15mm MLM intake. Installed 15.15 Dellorto SHA. Installed Ignition Coil. Wired in Tail light. Need to add some more wire covering. 12.29.2016 New mounts primed, painted and sealed. Rear taillight mounted. Recent addtional items purchased: Grips 12.192016 Cut out some weld steel for new M101 mounts, exhaust mount and tail light mount. Brought the bike over to a friends house who knows how to weld. ( a skill I currently lack. ) All mounts have been added. I also picked up the following items for installation: 1930 Ford taillight Bullet headlight with speedo Low rise handlebars MLM 15mm Morini intake MLM peoples pipe - Morini 08.31.2016 Purchased a kick start Morini M101. Time to plan for an upgrade. 07.22.2016 Just Bought. More to come.


1979 Pacer Super Sport




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