Black QT

by Jack Rutherford
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Yamaha Qt50 Stock Cylinder Beast. Made use of the "rev plate", actually just a ~3-4 mm aluminum spacer to raise the cylinder and had similar amount taken off top of cylinder. All ports except the intake port are fully open at BDC. 79 jet might have been a tad lean but I didn't have an 80 jet on hand so gave it to the buyer with an 81 jet. PW50 gears in back. As pictured, it has the MLM circuit pipe which, in final form, would have given it a couple more mphs over the people's pipe but I wanted to keep the circuit pipe for other uses. Stock carb is also pictured on this photo but SHA clone was eventually employed. I did have a Puch 40mm cylinder head on it at one point for better cooling but achieved lower temps through other means and the stock head went back on. New Kenda grippers as well. Black clutch springs to restore some low end. Should've gone with treats black replacement rear shock but buyer was on a budget. Anyhow, for footage of the Supa Black Qt go here -






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