Black Betty aka VX4

by terry dean
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Twice the amount of variators your bike has and twice the headache. Built for Polini Cup 2010, never got to see it's full potential as Polini Cup was canceled and the bike was too big a pain to try and make streetable. Took it apart, the frame/sub frame went to West Seattle Ryan, the rest is still kicking around my space. The engine will make a triumphant return. Moped Army thread frame - Puch Pinto fork - Puch hydro EBRs (10mm preload spacers and 10 weight oil added) front wheel - Suzuki RM80 with disk rear wheel - Hobbit with some extra wide moped rim laced up to it, stock transmission crank case - Hobbit crank - Doppler Moby endurance kit - Metra Derb 70 ported to the moon head - Puch Gila cdi - Hobbit HPI modified to fit on the Moby crank intake - Puch Gila reeds, Tony S reed block, 24mm shorty intake and 24mm Mikuni, 45deg K&N filter pipe - Puch Simo clone variator right side - ER3 spaced out to run TJT Derb belt, Derb rear pulley variator left side - stock Hobbit clutch bell/variator lathed from 15 deg to 12.5 an 1mm taken from the outside of the bell, stock Hobbit clutch with derb blue springs, starter clutch removed, Derb 6 weight variator. Belt is by Polini for a Honda 50, not sure what that is. Probably some kind of scooter. Rear pulley is stock Hobbit. tires - front is 2.5 Kenda, rear 2.75 Heidenau front brake setup - something generic seat - old rusty Moby long seat pan, cut and welded to fit over Pinto rack. .5" foam for butt pad gas tank - Puch Magnum X Moby VLX number plate, Pug chain tensioner, Batavus pedal shaft with an 18t mtn bike cog welded on, modified Motion Pro throttle, cut up Magura left lever, yellow Treat grips, yellow plastic BMX pedals, rad (AND CHEAP!) gas shocks from, bars are recycled thick walled moped bars, CEV moped kill switch, BMX barends.. I made the fork brace, intake, pipe and swing arm from raw materials, used linear brake line for the rear brake, Treats generic red high-tension coil after I managed to fry the HPI coil, NGK resister plug cap. Fast and fun! R.I.P. Black Betty! AKA Wiggle Worm AKA 404 Engineering Not Found!





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Shane B: Definitely the moped that I have looked up the most, just to look at it again.

Nash Wiley: too much to love about this thing. one of my favorite builds ever.

Christopher Hoke: this should be #1

terry dean: ^ posted

Robert McGrath: can you post the myspace link?

Team Dirtped: Dude- quad variated? I don't even comprehend...

Christopher Squid: What SteveR said. This moped made me shake my head and smile every time I saw it.

Mike Rafter: Only moped I have ever seen that would peel out if you gun it from a stop.

Steven Rosen: It was cooler as a frame tank, though.

Bemor Latebird: This thing was crazy. it was awesome seeing this up close. fucking cray cray

: I wish I could've seen this bad boy in person :(

Steven Rosen: This moped broke my heart. I watched this dude put so much time and heart and work into this thing. When it went to the breaking yard without unleashing its potential, I died a little bit inside. It's an inspiration to dreamers everywhere.

Tyler Brekke: This bike gives me nightmares.