Bezemes Mk1

by Jared Bezemes
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Started out with a rat ass Maxi luxe that was tuned horribly by some hippy dude. I then decided to go absolutely crazy and rebuilt the bike to be fast and reliable. Before this I had never owned a moped or had much experience working with motors besides a high school small engines class. That addition on the cross bar is a fully functional gas tank addition that I sealed with POR15. I also closed off a section of the tank so the petcock is the lowest place im the tank allowing me to empty all the gas out easier. It can hold somewhere around 1.5 gallons, though I will update this when I figure out exactly how much. I just finished assembly and im still tuning it but im hitting 54 (max) and 50-52 (highest on average) with my 210lbs ass on it. I can definitely tell theres more power to draw out! Big thanks to the guys at Treats for being awsome dudes and Lucky Strokes in Boston for teaching me the secrets to the HPI


1980 Puch Maxi Luxe




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Jared Bezemes: Sorry man I put the wrong kit in, its actually the parlini/treats reed especial. Theres no option for treats

Maci Dub: Nice. How was the spacing on the 77 reed kit and how did you deal with it?