Basic Bitch Hobbit

by Andrew Scouten
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I have never really built a Hobbit, so why not start at the most basic level? So I started with a stock BlK hobbit, added a ported Stocko Shocko kit (60cc's), clone Jahyling carb, Derbi 3 Roller, and a Proma ( I originally tired a new Simonini circuit but its fitment was terrible). I tried a few varios on this, stock pa50-2 windowed, stock Derbi 3-roller unmodified, and a modified Derbi 3-roller (knub removed from the bottom of the cheek), of which the modified Derbi 3 roller was the fastest, not the quickest of the 3, but the most top end with good lows. The bike does 41mph for as long as you care to hold the throttle, with some fresh rubber its a comfy ride! UPDATE: The little Stocko that could, did, then died. Ya I got that Stocko up to 47, and it ran well for many rallies, but death comes for us all. Much like our mortality is destined so are circlips failing on the Stocko, luckily it really only killed the cylinder, but I rebuilt the motor anyhow. Here we goooo, new bearings/seals, Malossi kit, FA50 head cut for Honda's, Treats Variator, one way bearing in the clutch, removed starter shoes, Treats belt, Simo pipe, stock CDI, Malossi intake, 21 PHBG, Polini reeds on a stock reed block, Polini Green clutch springs 35% stronger then stock, stock wiring. This thing is gonna be fun! Pulls real strong off the line, 14g in the variator for now (will be tuned come Spring 2024), carb needs tuning as well, so ya basic bitch no more, its a real Hobbit!






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