Baretta V1 Powered By Puch!

by Andrew Scouten
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A Baretta V1 that I used to test Maitlands first run of spacers, the original build had a Puch TCCD cylinder, it was cheap and disposable. After I proved that it worked, I kinda forgot about it, until a few weeks ago! I rebuilt the motor with new bearings/seals/gaskets, added a 45mm Treats reed kit, Athena reeds, MlM intake, VM20, Treats BLK pipe, Pietcard timed at 2.2mm btdc (this is the timing Polini's call for so I figured good enough?) w/2041 box, 10x32 gearing, stock clutch w/yellow GY6 springs, counter sunk head, fresh tires and tubes (yay you may notice they are old as shit in the photo, somehow I never took a picture of the finished bike, but rather a video, scroll down for it). I went with the Treats reed kit because midsized kits are super hard to find for the v1, considering the Polini is 73cc's, the BRN 76cc's, and of course the 89cc Monster BRN being available, so why not go smaller? 45mm with the v1 stroke should be like 67cc's I think? Someone else can do the math on that one. Anyhow this thing rips! it pulls so hard, the reeds are snappy, and I am stoked to fine tune that vm20 come spring, though it seems to like the settings I had for the TCCD. For some reason I only took one picture of this bike, so here is a youtube video of its first start


1977 Baretta 45




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