Baller Derbi

by Tyler Brekke
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Building this bike for the 2014 Pinball Run from Minneapolis to New Orleans. The bike came from 1977 Mopeds shipped over from Europe. Crank and bearings were seized, brake plates were wrong, no cables were right, nothing worked. Normal moped stuff. For the pinball run we have to run Glympse on our phones to keep track of where we are. Because of this I added a USB port to my dash running off a battery, then a 5w LED for a headlight running off a 4.5ah battery. I also have a rectifier running off my HPI lighting coil charging my battery. UPDATE: Finished Pinball Run II, 1500 miles. No real issues. Last day I put my race motor on it, and strapped 2.5 gallon tank to the back. Did the entire last day stopping once, only cause I fell in the rain. I think I completed the last day in 4-4.5 hours. Cruising at 60+ most of the day. The stock motor I topped out at 55mph coming into St Louis, but typically was around 48mph.





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Tyler Rosonke: sometimes i look at this instead of fancy luxury cars

Dan Kastner: That looks like it is going to be a comfy ride.