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by Jared Kaczynski
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Currently in progress of rebuilding my moped of 5 years. hasn't gotten any love in the last 3 years, so doing a complete tear down and rebuild! update: April 4th 2016 This is my first time rebuilding any sort of engine, so cut me some slack. You can see from the pictures that I got the E50 off of the frame, and started to take it apart. The stator was essentially rusted solid and full of mud and dirt, and the magnet also pretty rusted.. Into to the parts box they went. I took the cases apart and the inside wasn't too bad, but lots of old, gummed up oil. I gave the cases some love with engine degreaser, and went to work with a brush. The third pic shows how clean I was able to get the cases. The crank, not pictured, was pretty gross and rusty as well, that also went into the parts box. In the 4th picture you can see I disassembled the main gear and pulled the bearings. The bearings were in decent shape, but since I wanted to rebuild it from the ground up, I decided to replace them. some engine degreaser and a shop rag, I was able to clean the main gear up nicely. The bearings went on not too bad. I had to keep studying the maintenance manual, along with pictures from the internet, and YouTube videos before I was comfortable taking the leap into pounding the bearings on. After I decided I was ready, and the manual pulled up on the laptop, I went for it with success. As you can see in the 5th picture, the engine received a super-stuffed crank, along with the new bearings, seals, and new Circlips all around. Next on the list is to replace the drive gear, replace the old rusty studs with new ones, and order the 70cc k-star party pack from Treats.


1979 Puch Maxi




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