by Christopher Hoke
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thx b 2 bp broz (n jujubeanz) 4 inspirationz


1978 Puch Maxi




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Shawn Ellis: Road Rash ready

christian hardy: I want to see this ripping @ the cottage.

Shane B: ^not funny

jason kluczyk: insert clown music here

Christopher Hoke: Luv u moar wallydally <3 <3

WillD: OH MY GOD! CHRIS! DEFINITELY delete "those" pics!!!--what if someone looked at this!!!--and you WILL BE SCREWED--by those kinds of builds--they are too out there--too risque-- you crazy guy!- why not leave it alone??- why do you pipes boys need to get attention for such nonsense--?? -where did your PARENTS go wrong in your upbringing!?!--you are all such decent,smart , attractive and really very creative so why not leave such ugly bikes to the imagination --WHY do you want to ruin your chances of having nice things?!?!! I have known of two guys that lost out because of "tasteless" garbage on their garage moped builds pages.and your friends! what about them! you stand for them as a representative for them--they dont want that kind of childish nonsense- it just lacks judgement on a social skill level--that is necessary in general!!! -it is a "grow up " kind of issue!!! Please delete this, clean it up, and give it a rest- keep it private--you will not have to have regrets that way!!! Maybe Nicole would support this thought process, or direction too??--she does not want you to be disappointed in the big world today! ---it is not worth ruining possibilities for yourselves!! not trying to be bitchy about this---- just realistic and want you to have all of the nice bikes that you have worked for !-dont ruin them with nonsense!!!!-go after attention for the good things that you CAN do!! love Will

Team Dirtped: I have the biggest weak spot for Dirt Peds. #win

Max Ramos: Love it!