by Jay Robert Stump
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Little by little she's getting there. A few odds and ends I have been working out, on an almost non-existing budget: I made a velocity stack from an antique sterling silver salt shaker, and fastened it using heavy gauge stainless safety wire, and a fat silicone o-ring. I have now, completely replaced my stock reflectors, using Scotchlite graphics adhesives. I designed and hand cut them all, just for Astrid. If a person driving a car at night can't see me now, they shouldn't be driving a car in the first place... Astrid can be seen from over a mile away, from every angle, when hit with a light!!! ;) I hand etched, and painted the flywheel cover vent cap, with my own Puch badge idea, but wasn't happy with the outcome, so went back to the drawing board, sanded it smooth, primed it white, and will try a different technique. It'll be YET ANOTHER new badge design, very possibly incorporating Kromag into the final part.. Thinking over a few ideas... *stay tuned.. *Boring plain ol' Kromag black vent cap? No way is she staying that way. ;) More projects going on with her now! Fabricating a small clear windscreen, that's removable with quick release mounting. I know the Jamarcol is too small a chamber, for this DMP 70cc top end. Once I can afford a new pipe, I will go bigger. Also, I have to keep my rpms down, until I can afford a performance crank/rod, with needles around the wrist pin. One thing at a time... Not smart to jump the gun, and kill my kit. Money sure doesn't grow on trees.... Not my trees at least... If you have a money tree, can I come and pick it for just a few minutes? I promise not to take all the fruit! I just need a little.. ;)


1978 Puch Kromag




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