by Jesse Stephenson
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This bike started as the Uphill Battle Raffle bike for the Learn 2 Love Again rally and was won by Puddle Cutter Jonnie Short Pants. A couple years went by and we were looking for a raffle bike for our rally Camp Cutterjuana. The club purchased the bike from Jonnie and it was given to me to turn into an adventure bike for dual purpose riding. The original bike was built from the forks of an MB5, the frame of a Yamaha Champ, the engine of an Aprilia Scarabeo 50, tank from a Puch Magnum, and a trailer that housed a 2-stroke generator, a stereo, Christmas lights, and grill. From that I kept most of the frame, the seat, and the engine and started over. I liked the idea and form of the bike but wanted it to better suit our needs. After a lot of parts gathering, lots of cutting and welding, and some really nice paintwork from Bob at Inknife Graphics. The final bike is made from the original Champ frame, KX80 forks and front brakes, Aprilia front wheel and original engine, tank from a 1974 Honda CB125, headlights from a knock off Ruckus, Aero 125 fork bearings, MB5 Homoet pipe, Triumph rearsets(?), Hyosung GT250R rear fender and plate mount, Acerbis front fender, plus whatever else I had sitting around for free. The winner of the raffle was Julie Haidet. BTW, that map leads to Butt Stuff.


1978 Yamaha Champ




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