by Barry Torno
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This is my first moped and I went all out on it. It cost me 50 bucks delivered. I was told that the Grande was one the less desirable looking mopeds you could get but with a shit load of hours in the garage this was born. It does a solid 50mph on the flats and climbs hills like a champ. Its one of my more reliable mopeds and gets the most looks. I still have more plans for it, like a scooter clutch and possible converting the case over to accept 4 post kits....with the help of Moto-Matic-Mopeds. Performance Spec's: pinasco 75cc, malossi 19mm PHBG reed valve carburetor kit, simonini calibrata carbon performance exhaust pipe, malossi reed valve system engine case, malossi race gears, polini performance variator and a kinetic CDI and flywheel, and dr. pulley 16 x 13 sliding roller weights - 4 gram Body: Stock Forks and Wheels Powder Coated, Stock Seat hacked up, Subframe Reinforced- This is a must if decide to get crazy, Homemade PVC Tail Lights, Stock Fenders hacked up, hutchinson GP1 moped tires - Front 17 x 2.75 Back 16 x 2.75. Paint: 3M Black Magic Powder Coat. Eastwood Reflective Chrome. Spray painted Fenders and Sticker Pinstripe>


1977 Vespa Grande




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Ryan Schimmel: splooooooooooge

Davidde Stella: This build is amazing.