AV10 Le Moped

by Andrew Scouten
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OHHHHHHHH Le Moped you piece of shit you. Well its not really the mopeds fault, but man this thing has been a bear. I was originally running a 50cc W port Polini with matching LC head, I say was because I could never get the damn thing to start, the kit was in pretty good shape but the ring was blown out, and no replacement fit properly, so I said fuck it and went big. 74cc's of Airsal big, with a matching dcomp-less Parma head, Parma cases, Athena reeds, 21PHBG, Treats PMA pipe, ER3, Doppler Pulley, 70lbs gas strut, Le Partie (timed at 1.1 BTDC), and probably some other stuff im forgetting? So anyhow, this thing rips pretty hard, how hard? Well im not sure yet as im still tuning the ER3, though my jetting seems to be on point, the gas shock really helps with the take off, but as you can see from my leg photo, it can also be problematic as its mounting point once failed causing a collision between the vario and pulley, resulting in the picture of my leg above. Anyhow, this cylinder is kinda anti-Moby, its all torque and very little RPM, im not expecting this to be as fast as the Polini it replaced, but I am expecting a very quick 45mph bike, updates to come.... UPDATE Finished tuning this bike, the 30lbs gas strut really did the trick, this thing is torque-city, super fun and faster then I expected at 53mph!






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