74CC AV7 Airsal Moby

by Andrew Scouten
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I keep telling myself this is the last AV7 I'll build....But I doubt it, anyhow, here is my 74cc Airsal build, so far I like it more then the 70cc version. I used DOS cycles's house AV7 cases as usual, with a basic Airsal crank, my first attempt I used a Doppler crank, but the lobe hit the cases, something no other AV7 crank had done, it also didnt fit properly in the case seals, which resulted in air leak city, so I went back to the basic 100$ Airsal crank and its working great. I also used a non decomp 47mm head, MLM intake, VM18, I was going to use a Tune Pulley but this bike happened to come with the late model stock pulley that I prefer. As with most Moby's this damn thing runs hot, Im at a 77.5 but might bump up to an 80 main, it runs consistently at 340, but just doesnt bleed heat. Besides that, it runs amazing, great bottom/mids/top end thanks to a dialed in Er3 (I like these better then the Er2, but not as much as the cheap race vario DOS caries((when its in stock))). All and all I'm real happy with this build, which might make me build a complete stocker out of the Caddie I have on a shelf... PS: DONT BE CHEAP BUY THE PULLSTART AND SUPPORT A COOL DUDE MAKING SWEET PARTS FOR OLD ASS BIKES


1978 Motobecane 40T




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