64cc Malossi Liquid Cooled 103

by Andrew Scouten
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Still a work in progress but I thought id get it up. The motor is...Teknix cases, stock crank, Athena reeds, 45mm LC Malossi cylinder, Polini intake, 19 Polini CP, Le Partie CDI, stock vario modified, Ive just recently got the motor mounted on the bike, it started right up, but had a strange sound to it....I ported the intake on the cylinder and have a suspicion that I may have fucked the intake duration, or maybe the carb just isnt tuned well....either way there is still much work to be done before this thing is tuned. But hey its winter here, so Ive got time! Oh hey there LC 103, this bike is tuned, the weird noise? Well CP's are odd and make odd noises. Anyhow this thing is tuned at hits 56 on stock gearing. The new Doppler pipes...I love it? but also its big, like real big, I need to absolutely hit it off the line, which can be problematic, hear me out on this one, soooo it rips, real quick off the line, but if you are riding with a pack, you need to pin that throttle to stay on the pipe, which may blast you past everyone, if you dont, its a very slow build to power, not terrible, but if I have the choice in the future I will run a much smaller pipe, which will result in less speed but a more even power-band, hope this helps if your looking for info on the pipe (and yes im running a Polini engine spring to help the low end).






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