by Amin Swessi
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One goal - Break 49mph with a 49cc Head - and to answer you - yes it does . I just wanted one - is the best way to describe this build - A little baby Moto GP Cafe racer - So build after build - it progressed to what you see today. A Unibody Stretched Fivestar General tank and Fiberglass Seat Combo - 21mm Dellorto racing carb powers a Minarelli V1 tuned to the edge of retardation. Simplified frame lines reduced weight everywhere anywhere reasonable and Streamliner Fairing with Headlight insert. Riding, is nothing short of a squirrelly and serene. The push start is easy enough and with a little bit of grace one can manage to elegantly fit oneself in the race ready riding style. A consistent pull in all ranges and immediate throttle response are characteristics of any race bike. The ride is firm yet forgiving and the big brake conversion from a Kentic front end makes of confident at speed that we can stop. The Ev Racing exhaust screams 222222222 stroke as you tuck into the sweet spot. The Fairing is nothing short of that - sweet spot - The only thing i could compare it to is the silence when you take off a Kicker or catching barrel surfing. Everything suddenly gets quiet all you hear is the cylinder screaming - no wind - you can hum along - gaining speed in mph .. gaining .. gaining.. then… brrpp nrbrprpbrp.. Retardation.. pull back your 2stroking.. but you can throttle in and out.. just enough .. to make you happy.. hear comes the police speed checker.. 53 --- sweet:)


1982 General 5 Star




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Michael Dobson: More details on that front wheel setup?

WillD: I got a matching gulf jacket http://newsonf1.net/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/1192_1263/products_id/421

Dan Kastner: I just featured your build! It still is one of the prettiest Minarellis ever.

David Tillery: so nice

Mosquito Fleet: stock, really??