1983 PA50II cafe

by Nick
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26/05/2022: Just starting out ! Let’s see what I can get done. I love my Integra, so I bought another Honda…. My first motorcycle. Picked this up downtown. Got some ideas for a build… gonna start the tear down tomorrow. Who wouldn’t pick up this cute little bike for 400$ !! Front wheel seized… I’m assuming it’s the drum brakes. Rear spins which is Better than being siezed. Lol Gas tank looked little rusty inside. But I can get my hands on a good engine if I need replacing. No keys, will need new ignition from Honda. Chains okay. Chasiss looks clean, just some surface rust that will be media blasted after cutting. Was going to stick with a simple EBR cross bar to have a couple different style options…. But I found a really good shop locally that said they could tackle the welds I’m looking for. the tank will be replaced with a “nicer” on that fits the style…. Possibly 75-125ccc sizing once additional bars are welded into place for a cafe style seat, I will go with a MLM subframe, mount the tank and work on suspension. Ebr so I can have a front disk setup… Planning on painting the chassis nh583-m (vouge metallic silver) to match my 2000 GSR. These will look great sitting together in the garage Taki my apart the chassis, pulling the engine on my own to save $$$$$$$$, this will be a real nice project for me. Updates coming ….. 29/05/2022: It’s 5:30am. Jesus. I need sleep. First pic is me at 1:30am thinking I was done… then I sat down and started fiddling with the chain tensioner…. Took it off…. …. All of the sudden. Next thing I know. ADHD got me in a the chockhold ……. Here we go Tank was being drained. Wiring was disconnected. Wheels flew off. Pulled the motor. Subframe dropped down. Chain cleaned carb cleaned Belt cleaned Rot holes were touched up with a rotary tool ….Gaping glory hole in my rear fender, who wants the first go ? She’s my bottom b***h. Lmao. tonight gonna do the front half tonight from 12:30-2:30 organize some parts. Post things online for trade. Gonna by a welding rig to possibly redo the chassis myself. Maybe try it out. See how it goes. The frame seems to be minding cheap at this point, so if my weld ever fails I do have an option to swap my insurance policy to tbe new frame and claim ownership once it’s ready. The inside of the frame seems to have some rusting. So I think this is a good test mule to own my painting/hand piece/welding capabilities…. I’m a jeweller from school so metal carving come naturally lol. I love to work with fin metals. This is nicer give me for wiggle room (not working by the MM) …. So with everything said and done, today I was looking at k100 OEM bmw seats. Not sure what they are at width but will measure later. Hopefully someone replies soon enough. I need the seat and tank to get started, the windscreen is great to have because once the forks and rear sup comes I will need to mock a handle bar mount and location …. I got some REAALLLYY cool CB style olden golden days of cafe racers windscreen in line for purchase. I believe off a 750 model. With some RnD I can t it to mount infront with the OEM light STILL attached. Met a really cool fellow in the process. Gear heads are the best people. I’d like to retain oem ignition location and retain the original headlamp for this setup. My plan would be to double weld some bars in place, and the top bar could be where I fish my wiring down to the engine and rear drums ….. …. another possible option is just tapping a hole into the soon to be welded cross bar/run my wiring through the mount where the top tank is mounted ?? Wil this be safe ? Idk I think so. Let me know ! I’m very inexperienced…. Need to find a pipe bender to get a seat like that on. If I buy a welder. I’m not buying a conduit bending dohicky. Just too expensive lol. ….. I want the rigidity and proper support. I can always just weld a couple mounting brackets and then do some bent conduit on my next build. Currently ordering a spare frame from down south….…. Thanks to my boys in the states . You’re Keeping the dream alive. Anyways. More to come. It’s may 2022, I got a bot Load of ORIGINAL parts for sale :) once my Clutch puller arrives the oem crank and internals will be forsale locally. Hit me up. Downtown Toronto… Till next time


1983 Honda PA50 II




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