1982 Honda PA50 II Bug Out Bike

by Derrick Braden
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The Proma pipe made the difference. It gave me about 10mph extra. I've done a few upgrades other than the Proma mechanically. I have a brand new air filter, a Chinese 15mm carb, new boyesen dual stage reeds, new front brakes, new larger fuel line, inline fuel filter. I have added some critical features the bike was missing. I custom made some saddlebags, added a windshield, and added larger and wider motorcycle mirrors. I also added a 12volt 20ah battery system on the back cargo rack. It's bolted down and provides me with a reliable battery system, paired with my 400w inverter, to offer me the ability to run either 110v, 12v, or 5v USB electric. This was a must for a "bug out bike". I've tuned the hell out of this bike and have a set of 1500 rpm clutch springs and a race belt yet to install. This should hopefully slightly increase my top end and also drastically increase my take off and lower power band. Right now on flat ground it will do 43mph hitting 48 downhill. I have read about other builds not doing nearly that with just a pipe and tuning. I attribute much of that to the tuning and also making sure my rear wheel is back as much as possible to tighten the belt as much as possible. This had to have given me the extra 8 mph. I literally don't get passed on flat ground on regular roads (35-45). This is a great bike to build up as they have so many parts. I've just begun and have had great success. Thanks for reading!


1982 Honda PA50 II




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