1980 Peugeot TSM

by jonathan lohne
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Will be selling this soon. Haven't decided on sale price yet but message me if interested. This build has gone through a few different configurations butI am pretty happy with the way it is looking now. I had a NOS tam tank still in the box that I used and we took the stock seat and cut down the pan and made a new seat cover for it. The frame and swing arm were sandblasted and powder coated as well. A disc brake set up from a 80cc dirt bike was adapted to fit and some ever hydraulic forks on the front round it out. Feels very stable at 60 mph. Running a trail tech to monitor the temps and rpm's. As it sits now it has a Malossi gr2 50cc and a 19mm Dellorto which I just started today for the first time so let the running begin.


1980 Peugeot TSM




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jonathan lohne: Thinking about selling this but haven't decided on a price yet. PM me if interested.

Parker Bowab: This thing is fucking sick—great job

jonathan lohne: Thanks Motto! This has been my dream bike since I got into mopeds so not planning on selling it any time soon. Too much blood sweat and beers into it. Just the PBR budget for the build alone would be hard to recover. I gotta get my moneys worth out of it by riding it.

Moto Bottega: Love this build. Let us know if you ever want to sell it.

Delmer Buddy Totten: beautiful beautiful