1978 Puch Magnum XK Gilardoni E50

by Danny Woods
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This was an almost scrapped XK outta Philly. Some kid salvaged it and put it up on CL for a couple hundred. I was the first on the scene and got ahold of it. All the necessities were there: frame, tank, engine, wheels (with the same tires I might add) and it was fucked - dented, and covered in grime. It was stripped all the way down. Frame hacked and welded, then repainted, tank was bondo'd, coated and repainted, wheels cleaned up beautifully (thanks to the layer of grease on them) and the block was actually in great shape. I coated the engine with silver high temp caliper paint and then did a 2K High Temp clear (Eastwood) and then built up with a Rito Crank and the 77 rebuild kit (seals/bearings). Port matched to Gila and used the 2" flap wheel trick. No added base material - no leaks yet. Hacked apart an old Puch fairing and resprayed that too... For anyone looking to repaint ANYTHING and wants a good clear in a can - I have to promote Spraymax 2K Clear. It's a 2 part clear in a can! You puncture this cartridge that resides INSIDE the paint can and it mixes the hardener. Then you have 48 hours to use the can. The results are professional. It's pricey, around 20 bucks a can, but certainly a lot cheaper than hiring an auto painter. A single can can do 3 coats on a tank, or 2 on a frame. I've been building bikes for about 7 years now, and this is by far my favorite. Still have a few things to do, I'm gonna boot that modded (so it didn't hit the pipe) center stand and throw on a kick stand, change the gearing and on-going tuning...


1978 Puch Magnum XK




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