15$ Shitty Bike

by Andrew Scouten
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100$ City Bike that I missed once on Craigslist, popped up later at a Motor City Riot Moped Monday for 100$ sold a few junk parts I had with me and bought this gem for 15$ out of my pocket! The kid mentioned that he thought it had some 50ish cc kit but he didnt know, so I brought it home, had a 55cc Autisa Kit/15 Amal/square port 15mm Puch Sha Intake. Cleaned her up re-built the bottom end added a Puch Techno Circuit (made the bracket with metal cut out of a 1950's stove side panel) jetted in the cold hardwired it up using the high/low beam switch for a kill. The seat was fun as well, whoever had it before me cut off the seat post, but it came with some longish seat and as I had nothing into it I decided to use it. Bought a door hinge from Homedepot and welded it to what was left of the post, the rest to the longish seat then made a little catch just above the tank so it wouldn't wiggle, but still rock forward to expose the tank. Switched out the stock 16in spokes for 17in Sachs snowflakes, re-geared to 10x39 with blue springs!





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Andrew Scouten: Thanks! It's for sale, sort of, but if it doesn't sell it will be getting an 80brn kit...

Charlie Maynard: I love these bikes. This one is tits.

Adam Nael: Wait...that phbg i bought from you was junk ? I want my money back !

Andrew Scouten: Thanks, I love my blue City Bike as well http://garage.1977mopeds.com/build/1727/

Elyse Dequina: love the black version of the city bike, I have the blue one that looks like a garelli now.