100 Dolla SSXL

by Andrew Scouten
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Another mythical cheap Ohio bike, this popped up a few miles from my house, and I couldnt pass it up, one Corolla ride later it was mine. It was in real good shape, but the cylinder was made out of carbon, so I swapped on the Polini 70, paired it with my favorite carb, the VM18, tracked down an NOS Polini chamber, slapped it together with stock gearing and bam a surprisingly quick off the line Garelli. As you can see it tops out at 40, but unlike my other SSXL that uses a Hammer clutch, this thing is all stock rubber so I'll take the decent low end and let other bikes go faster. I barely rode this in 2017, our old shop was located on the outskirts of the city and any bike that couldnt hold 45 was gonna get you mowed down, however our new downtown shop will be prefect for this, ripping around city streets will be a blast! UPDATE Well winter happened, and this thing has been good to me for a few years, so I tossed some time and parts at it. First I rebuilt the motor with new bearings/seals/gaskets, then I upgraded the pipe to a Weak-ends, new tires/tubes, a clutch that should have 15-17% more stall then the stock, and finally re-geared it a hair adding an 11t up front. I am very impressed with this clutch, and c'mon Weak-ends pipes are the shit, very hard to come by these days, but well worth the effort. It should see an easy 50mph come Spring






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