'77 JC Penney Pinto

by bobby sims
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run of the mill yellow Pinto. Took off the fenders, luggage rack, speedometer, and side covers. Lowered seat (cut the frame a few inches, seat attatched straight to frame no post). Drag bars, 2.5" Deestone world traveler front tire. 2.75" Heidenau K36 rear tire (Magnum swing arm). after market chrome coil over maxi rear shocks ( fit with minor frame modification). This bike has perfect ergonomics for me, I love the lowered seat and drag bars, perfect balance of handling and comfort. The over sized tires might hurt acceleration slightly but they ride great on the beat up Ypsi roads this bike was built for. E50 with a Treats reed kit, 70cc Hi comp head, Malossi 4 petal, MotoMatic intake, 21mm spigot mount PHBG, Super stuffy crank, stock 2 shoe clutch with 93 gram arms and super stiffy springs, Treats pipe, stock points ignition with a 12V light coil. does an easy 50+ MPH and gets ther pretty quick. This bike has been to 5 rallys so far and has an estimated 3000 miles on this kit with no trouble. It gets around 40-45 MPG at mostly WOT. I would reccomend this set up for a bike that gets mostly city riding and needs a balance of acceleration and top speed.


1977 J.C. Penney Pinto




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Logan Meingasner: Nice bike to ride.